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             last update: 2/10/05

      So your probably wondering...WHAT THE HECK IS THIS PAGE ABOUT?! Am I right?
           I'll tell you but first you gotta know what Sailor Moon is!  Click on the link to go to one of the best Sailor Moon sites around!! (Unfortunitly I do not believe it is still up and running... tis' a shame...


  Now that you know what Sailor Moon is  you can proceed into my site.


                                       BULLETIN BOARD

          Info Update!! (Kinda) I really hate to be a jerk but I am pulling the project. Someone, somewhere has given me a nasty email bug which causes frequent viral uploading and auto replies to those who email me. I AM cleansing my email as I type this, so I swear if I get anymore "stop spamming me... blahblahblah I will give you something to really whine about. To those who have been infected and annoyed and traced it to my email... I apologize. I figured I got this quite a while ago, so the emails sent could be countless. Another reason I am pulling my email instead of cleaning it and keeping it under constant protection is simple... As stated in an eariler post.. the RPG is stalled so I my concintrate on my fanfic project, college, work, life, ETC. Although I DO love to moderate and particapate in RPG's I simply do not have time. However 9/10 emails I received consisted of nothing but RPG character requests and questions regarding the RPG. To be quite blunt about it, (and since I am already @#%#ed off) it annoyed me.. GREATLY. Please guys/girls.. READ the main page before you start clicking away at things.. thats why webmasters make a main page! So in conclusion.. 1) MY EMAIL IS BEING PULLED FROM THE WEBSITE... anyone who continues to receive "spam or harmful mail, just put a block on me... since I rarely email people who emailed me.. 2) THE RPG IS DEAD.. I Don't have the time right now blahblahblah (read above) 3) The FANFIC PROJECT is also stalling out.. due to the harsh reality of the REAL world forced me to stop.. instead of the normal slow down. I am about 50% complete of the first saga, (which is roughly 75 pages on 10 font) And I would really like to finish it before I commit to story boards and MANGA type panels. 4) If you are actually a fan, check back in a month or two... here is a type to those who like the site. If you see updates which are weeks apart instead of months... I am on a role and expect something new to show up... until then.. I do apologize. If you have questions, comments, etc, hold them for at least a month.. I MIGHT put another email address up. Thank you for your patience.. 'Zach' ^_^

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